…Cristóbal Balenciaga shaping fashion


If you love fashion, appreciate new trends or if you have even a small interest for the most creative minds of all times, you should visit V&A exhibition presenting Cristobal Balenciaga’s masterpieces. This Spanish designer was once called, by Christian Dior, “the master of us all” as well as “ the only couturier in the truest sense of the word” by Coco Chanel. There weren’t a single person in fashion industry who didn’t admire his taste, creativity and who didn’t admit his pure talent.

Not only, he changed the way woman dressed in 50’s and 60’s, he proved that woman does not need to wear tight, slim fit dresses to be considered attractive and beautiful. He allowed woman to feel free and comfortable in “balloon jackets” coats cut like kimonos and tunics. His revolutionary ideas made him the “King” of fashion whose designs are appreciated and copied till today.


Written by: Anna Leonowicz


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