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Middlesex University, London, November 2017MDXSU Advice, a service that has helped over 450 students facing both academic and non-academic issues at Middlesex University in the academic year of 2016/2017, continues to fight for its students. ‘The number of students that came to see us in the past academic year doubled compared to the previous year, stated the senior advisor of MDXSU Advice, Michael Jones. ‘This shows that there are ongoing issues that need be dealt with,’ he continues.

Most of the students use the MDXSU Advice service in order to get support in dealing with academic issues. These revolve mainly around accusations of academic misconduct which constituted 38% of all the cases that the service dealt with in the past academic year. Having been accused of cheating in exams, collusion or plagiarism can not only result in students being expelled from the University, but it can have a destroying effect on their future careers, preventing them from ever doing the career they wanted to. This, in particular, applies to law and nursing students. ‘Not all the plagiarism is committed intentionally’, say the MDXSU advocates. ‘Demonstrated in the cases we see, unfortunately, many students commit plagiarism ‘accidentally’ – simply because they did not fully understand what plagiarism is.’ Another serious issue often impacting students’ academic performance is extenuating circumstances.

According to the advocates, one thing is clear: whether it is making a complaint or an appeal, responding to an allegation of academic misconduct or representing themselves at disciplinary hearings, students often find themselves lost and struggle to follow the correct procedures such as filling out all the necessary forms and collecting the relevant evidence in order to be successful. Further, at times, not enough support is provided by the University to prevent the above-mentioned issues. That is where the MDXSU Advice’s hard work comes in. ‘Without the support of the senior advisor, I don’t think I would have been able to complete my course. He reassured me when I was anxious’, stated a Middlesex University student. Another student noted: ‘Through the support of MDXSU Advice, I was able to get back on my feet.’

‘When students come to us, it is usually too late, meaning that something has already gone wrong.’  MDXSU Advice has chosen to follow a more proactive approach this year. Organising a variety of interactive projects and events this year, the service is aiming to raise the awareness of the issues that the University students face and invites the students to engage with them.

About MDXSU Advice

The MDXSU Advice is a service independent from the University that provides a free, non-judgmental and confidential advice to students on a range of both academic and non-academic issues. The service offers support in making an appeal or a complaint to the University, responding to an allegation of academic misconduct and representing the student at University disciplinary hearings, amongst other.

Get involved:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 020 8411 6450
Face-to-face: We are based in the MDXSU office downstairs in MDX House.

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