It was an amazingly exciting night at MDX House last Friday as all the candidates for the MDXSU Elections waited anxiously for the results. Campaign teams were clumped together, a bundle of nerves and bubbles as they waited to see if all their hard work had paid off.

The evening began with an inspiring talk which covered the difficulties of attending university and how essential the student union was in driving forward the changes required to make Middlesex University an amazing place to study. Going forward, it is essential that we focus on “shaping, changing and improving students lives.”

A quick address was made to all those who were not winners at the end of the evening, reminding them that it was still a massive achievement just running for the position.

“Every single vote you got is a fellow student putting their faith in you.”

This year has been different to previous years, and that became quickly obvious by the atmosphere in the air, and the attitudes of both the winners and non-winners. Every candidate had so much respect for their fellow nominees. Politics, it was said, could learn from the way that the Middlesex University candidates have conducted themselves this year. Raechel Mattey (Deputy Chief Executive of MDXSU) commented on the “hardworking, dedicated and passionate campaigners and campaign teams” that she had seen on campus over the election week.

To see the full results, visit the MDXSU website.

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