Now your probably thinking Astrology, really now.  Before you completely shun the idea of the stars having the ability to map out your destiny, lets not forget you do occasionally read the odd yearly feeds on Astrology. So if you are guilty of that. Why not be guilty of reading this too? Little do you know there is way more to astrology then people let on.

You are probably thinking what more can there be to a bunch of stars in the sky. Well this is where I come in. What I am about to reveal to you will you make you think twice about questioning Astrology. Now I will begin before I bombard you more on the grittier stuff Astrology has to offer and no doubt you don’t want that.

  1. Its Astrology’s mother nature! The almighty, ok you get the gist before I go off on a tangent. Its your Sun sign when someone asks you ‘Hey what’s your star sign?’ chances are they are referring to this right here. So if you find you have that one friend who doesn’t seem to stop talking about themselves or should I say boast, then I am afraid you have yourself a friend with a Sun in Leo. Such fun. The Sun sign mainly reflects who you are on the outside. It’s the acting face you put across.  The name is a give away right?
  2. Here comes our beloved Moon sign, not as dominant as your proud Sun sign but oh no, don’t make the mistake of shutting out this bad boy. This here reflects who you are deep inside, you saying bye to this is you essentially saying bye to you.
    So here’s an example, if your Moon is in Cancer your memory to many is effortless, you can pin point what you did last year on the exact day. Slight exaggeration, but there you go, don’t let anyone tell you that you were the one that ate the ice cream you shouldn’t have. On the flip side Cancer can be volatile, the next morning these natives may wake up being totally mad at someone for something they did last week, when you’re probably here still wondering what you ate last night.
  3. Now before you make a run for the hills, we are now about to enter the romantic side of the chart- Venus signs this is the placement that will show you how your likely to be when matters of the heart are involved. Is your Venus in Capricorn? Then some may make the mistake of thinking your downright boring when it comes to love. Not entirely true though. To put you fellow holders of this placement out of your misery, the way you express love is very different to your other natives say in Libra who can be overly flowery. As you natives have a more systematic approach to love, so yes you are likely to plan out every aspect of your date to the core, but hey for those of you who hate surprises these natives may be just the catch for you!
  4. Moving on now to the chattier side of the chart- Mercury signs a planet best recognised for its communication. Do you find yourself effortlessly getting your self out of sticky situations at work or in school? Then your Mercury sign could just be in Leo. These natives are known for their persuasive skills, and they could probably convince you that pencil flies. On the contrary, if your Mercury sign is in Sagittarius your diplomatic skills may have gone through the roof. As being persuasive isn’t really on your agenda, tactless when speaking but candid to the core. Well they do say honesty is the best policy after all.
  5. Last bit and by no means least – Mars signs the almighty planet of aggression. Let me hope that you’re not angry with yourself for reading this. So for those natives with Mars in Scorpio be warned, they let off anger severely but secretly. If you have double crossed one, then they are probably plotting their next move on you whilst you read this. But hey if know someone with Mars in Sagittarius then they have a real inability to hold a grudge, so double crossing them might not be too bad, just kidding. 

And that is it for today my fellow readers, so the next time you see someone lash out, try not to blame Astrology for it. They weren’t half wrong when they said it’s all in the stars.

About The Author Natalie Rose

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