On Monday 11th of December Hollywood Foreign Press Association (Golden Globes) announced their nominations, Wednesday 13th of December Screen Actors Guild (SAG) followed. In January, Academy Awards (Oscars) – the most important movie award in the world will announce their nominations.

Here are POW!’s Oscar predictions in the main categories.


Best Picture:
Golden Globes nominated 10 movies, split for two categories; Best Motion Picture – Drama, and Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. The nominees in drama category were ‘Call Me by Your Name’, ‘Dunkirk’, ‘The Post’, ‘The Shape of Water’, and ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

The nominations in a Musical or Comedy category were ‘The Disaster Artist’, ‘Get Out’, ‘The Greatest Showman’, ‘I, Tonya’, and ‘Lady Bird’. Many Oscar pundits assumed that the indie sensation of the summer ‘The Big Sick’ would have been nominated in a Musical or Comedy category, but there was no love for the movie from HFPA, which also snubbed Holly Hunter (of the predicted Best Supporting Actress contenders). However, The Big Sick rose with SAG ensemble nomination. Other nominees included: Get Out, Lady Bird, Mudbound, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Final predictions:
The Big Sick
Call Me by Your Name
Get Out
I, Tonya
Lady Bird
The Post
The Shape of Water
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role:
Golden Globes show their love in a Drama category for: Timothee Chalamet for ‘Call Me by Your Name’, Daniel Day-Lewis for ‘Phantom Thread’, Tom Hanks for ‘The Post’, Gary Oldman for ‘Darkest Hour’, and Denzel Washington for ‘Roman J. Israel, Esq’. In the Musical or Comedy category they nominated Steve Carell for ‘Battle of Sexes’, Ansel Elgort for ‘Baby Driver’, James Franco for ‘The Disaster Artist’, Hugh Jackman for ‘The Greatest Showman’, and Daniel Kaluuya for ‘Get Out’. Most of the nominees were expected, but there were few surprises including Ansel Elgort, who should feel lucky to be nominated for Golden Globes, because he won’t happen at Oscars. SAG narrowed down to the five contenders, nominating Timothee Chalamet, James Franco, Daniel Kaluuya, Gary Oldman, and Denzel Washington. Reportedly, there were screener issues with The Post, and Phantom Thread, which is why SAG members couldn’t watch those movies causing Daniel Day Lewis, and Tom Hanks missing the nominations. It’s a hard category to predict, but Denzel Washington will probably miss out the nomination on Oscar morning making place for either Daniel Day Lewis, or Tom Hanks.

Predicted Five:
Timothee Chalamet – Call Me by Your Name
Daniel Day Lewis – Phantom Thread
James Franco – The Disaster Artist
Daniel Kaluuya – Get Out
Gary Oldman – Darkest Hour


Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role:
Golden Globes nominated 5 actresses in a drama category – Jessica Chastain for ‘Molly’s Game’,  Sally Hawkins for ‘The Shape of Water’, Frances McDormand for ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’, Meryl Streep for ‘The Post’, and Michelle Williams for ‘All the Money in the World’, as much as the four first names were expected, Michelle Williams nomination was a nice surprise that not many predicted, especially considering that the movie had to be reshot with a removal of Kevin Spacey. The nominations in a Comedy or Musical category were: Judi Dench for ‘Victoria & Abdul’, Margot Robbie for ‘I, Tonya’, Saoirse Ronan for ‘Lady Bird’, Emma Stone for ‘Battle of Sexes’, and Helen Mirren for ‘The Leisure Seeker’. Traditionally, SAG narrowed their list to the only 5 nominees, Judi Dench, Sally Hawkins, Frances McDormand, Margot Robbie, and Saoirse Ronan. The most surprising snub was no Meryl Streep. The category will most likely repeat SAG names, with Streep replacing Judi Dench. The potential dark horse of the race could be Michelle Williams, who’s movie was seen only by HFPA, and was not ready in time to send screeners for the SAG members.


Predicted Five:
Sally Hawkins – The Shape of Water
Frances McDormand, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Margot Robbie – I, Tonya
Meryl Streep – The Post
Saoirse Ronan – Lady Bird



Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role:
The five nominees by the Golden Globes were: Willem Dafoe for ‘The Florida Project’, Armie Hammer for ‘Call Me by Your Name’, Richard Jenkins for ‘The Shape of Water’, Christopher Plummer for ‘All the Money in the World’, and Sam Rockwell for ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’. The nominations were mostly expected. The biggest surprise was inclusion of Christopher Plummer, who replaced Kevin Spacey followed by his scandal. The movie was reshot in only 3 weeks, and was seen only by the Golden Globe members, which is why just like Michelle Williams his name did not appear on SAG morning. The five nominated actors by the SAG were: Steve Carell for ‘Battle of Sexes’ who also received Golden Globe nomination in a Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy category, Willem Dafoe, Woody Harrelson for ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’, Richard Jenkins, and Sam Rockwell. Looks like the biggest surprise on the Oscar morning could be Christopher Plummer, who would also be the oldest Academy Award nominee ever. The battle for the last spot will be between him, Armie Hammer, and Woody Harrelson.

Predicted Five:
Willem Dafoe – The Florida Project
Woodey Harrelson – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Misspouri
Rickard Jenkins – The Shape of Water
Christopher Plummer – All the Money in the World
Sam Rockwell – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri



Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role:
Golden Globes nominated Mary J. Blige for ‘Mudbound’, Hong Chau for ‘Downsizing’, Allison Janney for ‘I, Tonya’, Laure Metcalf for ‘Lady Bird’, and Octavia Spencer for ‘The Shape of Water’. SAG’s line-up was almost identical just without Octavia Spencer, and Holly Hunter in her place for ‘The Big Sick’. Most of the ladies were predicted all along, the real surprise in this category was Hong Chau, who hit both precursors despite her movie receiving only mediocre reviews. The most likely scenario at Oscars will be reflected SAG’s line-up, with the potential spoiler from Octavia Spencer.

Predicted Five:
Mary J. Blige – Mudbound
Holly Hunter – The Big Sick
Allison Janney – I, Tonya
Laurie Metcalf – Lady Bird
Octavia Spencer – The Shape of Water


Best Director:
Golden Globes nominated Guillermo del Toro for ‘The Shape of Water’, Martin McDonagh for ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’, Christopher Nolan for ‘Dunkirk’, Ridley Scott for ‘All the Money in the World’, and Steven Spielberg for ‘The Post’. Screen Actors Guild does not nominate directors, they will have to wait for Directors Guild Awards.  This year is strong for women in directing category, and yet none of them were nominated at Golden Globes. Greta Gerwig did wonderful job with her directing debut ‘Lady Bird’, and is expected to show up on Oscar morning, replacing Ridley Scott.

Predicted Five:
Guillermo del Toro – The Shape of Water
Greta Gerwig – Lady Bird
Martin McDonagh – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Christopher Nolan – Dunkirk
Jordan Peele – Get Out tea


Written by: Arek Ciechacki


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