My Study Life  University life is a complicated and challenging experience but not anymore. My Study Life is here to help you organise your tasks and stay on top of your weekly schedules without missing a deadline anymore. My Study Life’s a colourful planner, school calendar and secure place to store all your homework. It’s free and can use it on multiple platforms. [iOS, Android, free]

Study Break – is the app which keeps you away from all mobile distractions. No more procrastination and no more unfinished tasks, simply choose the study interval, set a timer on and put your device down. StudyBreak stops all distractions and helps you improve your study efficiency. Meanwhile will remind you if you study too long and it will kindly advice you to take a break. [iOS, free]

Flowstate – It’s a note tool which ensures your total concentration. The app will trick you to write, and if you delay with more than seven seconds, you will lose your writings. Stay in the “flow” and resist all distractions. [iOS, £7.99]


NINE – this is a visual to-do list for people who love taking pictures. Nine allows you to capture things you want to remember, it organises your snaps in folders by a simple tag and helping you to remember where you were when taking the photo. Nine is an app for creative souls! [iOS, free] 

EasyBib – Have you ever struggled with citation and essay’s bibliographies? This issue is sorted by the world’s best and most accurate citation generator – EasyBib. The app allows you to create your citations in seconds by simply scanning a book with your phone. Save your time with referencing and have more time for fun! [iOS, free]

Khan Academy – To be the smartest person on your course is easier than ever before. Khan Academy has an interactive app with more than 150,000 video lessons. Now you can learn anything from math and earth science to art history and capital markets. You can track your process, prepare for an exam and enhance your skills with one click for free.  [iOS, Android, free]

Cove –Studying can be overwhelming and daunting. Cove is a musical journaling app which allows you to keep records of how you feel each day to tackle your emotions and improve mental health. It encourages your self-expression by creating melodies. Each song can be stored or shared with friends [iOS, free]

Alexi – You have a hungry soul for knowledge and you enjoy reading great books, Alexi will handpick for your taste. [iOS, free]


Sarahah – It’s the perfect app for self-growth, to discover your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Receive anonymous feedback about yourself from a classmate, mentor, family or friend. [iOS, Android, free]


Houseparty – For all extrovert chaps Houseparty app is exciting news! It’s a group video chat app. You can livestream your personal affairs with up to seven friends. If you want to meet new friends and have fun together wherever you are or to pass a secret note Houeseparty is always on! [iOS and Android, free] 

 On second thought – Have you sent a message and then regret it? This app allows you to embargo the text with delay and let you change your mind. It sounds fantastic, right?! [Android, free] 


Forest Beat the phone addiction by growing a digital tree. If you stay away from your phone for the agreed time, the tree will grow. If not the tree will die. [iOS, Android, £1.99]


Written by: Neli Dimitrova


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