Feminist or Not Feminists


Perhaps we should admit 2017 was an incredible year for women. Last year on January 21, millions of women gathered and set the tone for the next twelve months. United under one march they all fought for equal pay, abortion rights, in mass protests they have risen their voice against sexual harassment and assaults.

As the year neared its end the popular #MeToo campaign proliferate on social media, women from diverse backgrounds shared they have experienced such an injustice. And that’s how in December feminism has been named the word of the year by the Meriam Webster dictionary. All those campaigns started something big; finally, the world heard that women have a voice. But how women were portrayed in the end? They have been seen as fragile, and they can’t deal with small changes of everyday life.

Today’s feminist voice is associated with a shout for protection rather than empowering voice which brings change for the young female generation. I was invited recently to a seminar discussing the sexual harassment in the newsroom. I was shocked when heard the stories of top female journalists who have faced the “dark practice” 30 – 40 years ago. I couldn’t wait to leave the room, in my head was only one question – why today’s feminists are braver, are they at all?

It’s worrying why they have kept such secret for so long, why they didn’t act like responsible adults? Why didn’t protect their own dignity and prepare the path for the young female journos? I call this a selfish act of hiding to save their office chair. They all who kept quiet for years, protecting their own perpetrators now are hailed as heroines and strong feminists. This is not what feminism is supposed to be about. It is about empowering women and not blaming the opposite gender, and it is about taking responsibility and fight against injustice not individually only but for the collective good.

In 2017 we can say The Girl power is real. Women now face the challenge to carry on their own power with dignity. We should admit the truth in 2017 a woman easily can destroy almost any man with a single accusation. Female voice about sexual assault growing louder and sexual harassment should be treated with no tolerance, although are women capable to proof their accountability and creditability? It is only a matter of time.

In one-year women found they have a voice, they are heard, and they are not alone. What happens next, depends on the robust common sense for equity and dignity which will lever the change.


Written by: Neli Dimitrova


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